I know a lot of people have a hard time coming up with good, solid wardrobe choices for family photography. It’s stressful sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! Remember, the days of all white, all black, all khaki or all jeans is a thing of the past. Family picture time is a great time to embrace your individuality, your favorite looks, bold colors, prints and layers.

Here is a Pinterest Link that I made regarding Family Outfit Ideas. Please check it out, I hope it helps!!



  • Stay away from wearing a lot of green when having photos taken in grassy/wooded areas. It’s just too much green. Green as an accent color is great, though! You want to stand out amongst all the greenery you’re surrounded by.



  • To get the flow going with wardrobe for your family, start with one outfit that you really like. From there, build from it for everyone else. If you love the crazy floral pattern of your daughter's dress, grab colors from that and created a circle of color for your family based on her outfit. ​


  • Layer, layer layer! Layers add dimension and depth. In the summer? Layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. In the fall and winter? cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, fur vest etc. When putting together an outfit, layers are what make the outfit look polished and complete!  Add a bowtie, hat, scarf, suspenders, belt, jewelry, etc.  This also gives the shoot much more depth! Even if it’s just as simple as adding a little fur vest, it adds so much more dimension to your wardrobe. Vests can be found everywhere, but specifically I’m finding them at H&M, Gap and Old Navy right now. Also, if all else fails in chain stores, search Etsy.com. Etsy has everything!


IMG_5172 copyIMG_5172 copy


  • Matching is out. Coordinating is in. And anything goes nowadays! We know your family is together. We’re photographing you together! So, wearing the same colored shirt, pants, shoes, etc. looks a bit awkward. Coordinating color is what really brings wardrobe together. I usually choose two to three main colors of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of color. Also, mixing stripes with plaids and tweeds is okay! Expression is important. We want to see your personality through your wardrobe. The blues and yellows, though all different, create a GREAT family of color.

IMG_1407 copy2IMG_1407 copy2

  • Dress for the weather, and be flexible. You know that it can be 50 and cloudy one day, 75 and sunny 12 hours later. So, be prepared to be flexible with wardrobe, in case you have to switch it up last minute. If you have plans for a cute sundress for your daughter, and the weather ends up being 20 degrees colder than you were anticipating, switch it up a bit by adding layers. Tights, boots, scarf, slouchy hat, cardigan. If your child is sweating profusely in a sweater during his shoot, he won’t be happy. And on the same token, if your child is wearing a tank dress and the weather dips too much in the evening, she’ll be a grump, and it’ll reflect in the final images.


  • Dress for the situation. Just as dressing for weather is important, dressing for the situation is just as important. A fancy black dress and a dress shirt and tie wouldn’t be the most appropriate wardrobe for a forest or grassy setting. More formal wear would be more appropriate for an urban or “big city” feel

IMG_1645edit copyIMG_1645edit copy

  • Choose a color scheme.  I would suggest choosing three main colors to work with.  This will give you more flexibility when it comes to dressing the entire family.  It will also really make your pictures pop!  You want to coordinate, NOT match.  By this, I mean choose the color(s) you want to work with and find different pieces that incorporate some or all of the colors you’ve chosen.  I do not want to find out that you sent out a memo saying “Everyone wear jeans and a white shirt” and call it a day.  White tops generally wash people out in photos, so I suggest staying away from white altogether unless it’s just an accent color.  Also, keep in mind that not every person has to have on every color you have chosen.  Split the colors up.  It makes the photo more playful and less uniform. Check out my Pinterest Link above for color scheme ideas!


  • Find a focal point.  When you begin your shopping, look for a patterned piece that you simply cannot live without!  This may be a top that you feel absolutely fabulous in, or a plaid button up for your son that will make your heart melt, or maybe even an adorable little floral print dress for your little princess.  Whatever that piece may be, commit to it and work from there.  It’s natural for me to find the mother’s outfit first.  As moms, we tend to forget about ourselves in the planning and we become an afterthought.  Of course you want your kids to look cute, but you deserve to look and FEEL awesome in your pictures!  Trust me.  Take that time for YOU.  You won’t regret it!!

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You obviously want to feel comfortable and confident, but try to push yourself outside the box.  Perhaps you should try on something you wouldn’t normally take off the rack.  It may be a complete disaster, but you may also find a new love!  We all know that fashion is a form of self-expression, so just be the best, most flattering version of you!



For most of my clients, getting their hair and makeup done means one less thing for them to worry about. They feel beautiful and confident and it show’s in their images. I recommend Periwinkles Hair Salon to get your hair and makeup done for your photo shoot.

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Here is a Pinterest Link that I made regarding Couples Outfits, I hope it helps!



After a client books an engagement or couple session, the first question a couple usually asks is “what should we wear?” The most important things to feel during your session is comfortable and yourself. You want your clothing and accessories to reflect you and your personal style. Love to dress up? Great. Put on a gown and dress up your fiance in a suit and bow tie and let’s take some seriously dramatic portraits. Or maybe you have a more relaxed style. That’s awesome, too. Boots and some layered tops works great.

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to styling your couple session…


No! A good rule of thumb is to choose a color palette with three colors. The number three is a design rule for just about anything you’re designing or creating. Two colors does not provide enough contrast, generally. It is also a good idea to choose from different textures, as well. IMG_3010editIMG_3010edit


I highly suggest layering your outfits to create some diversity in your images. Accessories that you can take on and off help, as well. Think jewelry, hats, scarves, cropped jackets, etc.

IMG_2780IMG_2780 IMG_2399IMG_2399


For most of my clients, getting their hair and makeup done means one less thing for them to worry about. They feel beautiful and confident and it show’s in their images. I recommend Periwinkles Hair Salon to get your hair and makeup done for your photo shoot.

Lea Schmidt/ Periwinkles Hair Salon/ 920.757.5667


These photos are of me and my boyfriend. I love getting dressed up and being fancy, but also love being casual with some plaid thrown in. You can see I used accessories and layers to make my outfit complete. Have fun with your outfits and don't be afraid to try something you haven't before! IMG_7606edit copyIMG_7606edit copy IMG_7519 copyeditIMG_7519 copyedit










I always tell my seniors  to bring a TON of variety.. colors, textures, stripes, high glam, street wear, accessories... SHOES (Don't forget lots of shoes!) Don't be shy. You know how you see models in magazines wearing something ridiculous that youd never wear in real life, but it looked super cool in the picture? Point proven. Bring your normal everyday clothes, bit don't be shy to try an outfit or two that are crazy and outrageous! Before you go digging through your closet, throwing clothes at your mom and pulling your hair out because you don't know what to wear... here are a few tips to make things a little easier.  

Pinterest Link I made.. Check this out as well!


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!!

Yep, this goes for guys too. Seriously, accessories are key. They make a plain outfit look rad. Consider some of my favorites... fedoras/ big sun hats, belts, crazy shoes, a bow tie, vest, cowboy boots to compliment a lacy dress, big and fun earrings, sunglasses, big bracelets, hair accessories, gloves and knitted hat for fall.. Bring it all! You can always take a few with each accessory you bring. Not sure if something will go along with your outfit? Bring it along and we will play around with it! I have to be perfectly honest. I am a shoe-aholic. It's true, and I especially love boots. If a senior misses out on one thing I would say it would be the shoes. They pull everything together!!




​These lace boot socks added so much to this fall dress and scarf outfit. Don't be afraid to go ALL OUT!! The more the better in this case.

IMG_7462IMG_7462 IMG_7743 copyIMG_7743 copy

Do NOT be afraid to show of your true colors. If you always wear a hat when you are out and about and that is just your style- bring your hat! Nothing better than showing off your personality in your senior photos. That's what it's all about!


IMG_7699 copyIMG_7699 copy

The fedora goes perfectly with these shoes. Ads a whole different outfit look for your session!


Definitely bring some black and solid colors, but also please bring a few pieces of vibrant color. Blues, Yellow,s Greens, Reds... I love a color that pops! It could be an accessor- big yellow earings and a purple belt or hat. It could be shoes- bright yellow converse, red boots (personal favorite!). It could be a colored jacket with matching lipstick. Just bring a few pieces to add a splash of color to make your photos POP!

IMG_6055 copy2IMG_6055 copy2 IMG_5674 copyIMG_5674 copy

​Layer Your Outfit!

​Layers make for quick outfit changes and can give you a couple of different looks to play with. Use a scarf to layer over any outfit (winter or summer), take off a jacket and hang it over your shoulder, carry it with you ect. to add a dramatic and fun feel to your photos! In the photo shown below, I had her wear a fun colored and designed shirt to add some unique style, laired with a light brown vest and black cut cardigan. Without the second two layers on her outfit, we wouldn't have much to play around with and use in her shoot. Layers make for a better shoot, trust me on this!!




​You don't wear makeup and you want to look like yourself for your session? Here's why makeup is still important. I'll be honest, I don't even wear much makeup and never really have- but let me tell you makeup is still very important for your session. Getting your makeup done by a makeup artist or friend that loves doing makeup will make things much more professional looking. Doing your makeup will even out your skin tone and conceal blemishes and can make you look like you're not even wearing making in your portraits. It will have an impact on your finished portraits and that will be a HUGE difference. This makeup style shown below is perfect for photos. The skin tone is gently evened out covering any blemishes that could have been there- finished with a soft eye shadow color to match her lipstick. The long eye lashes make a HUGE difference in photos. I definitely recommend using fake eyelashes to extend the length (or make them thicker if you already have long lashes), even a thin lash to layer over yours will give you a subtle, natural look. Getting your makeup done professionally will add to your overall experience, and we want this to be memorable! It is very worth it to invest in the best preparation to get you amazing finished results.




For most of my clients, getting their hair and makeup done means one less thing for them to worry about. They feel beautiful and confident and it show’s in their images. I recommend Periwinkles Hair Salon to get your hair and makeup done for your photo shoot.

Lea Schmidt/ Periwinkles Hair Salon/ 920.757.5667


​Color Tones

Use a bright color, such as hot pink or bright red, to stand out while in an open field or where there is not as much action in the background. Look at how these dark red pants stick out in the field type of location. With no building or barn to match an outfit to, use your colors to your advantage in this type of setting. You don't want to get lost in with the colors in the background, you want to stick out!!

IMG_7546 copyIMG_7546 copy

Incorporate Your Hobbies

​Be sure to let me know what you are interested in and your hobbies. My favorite part about Senior Sesssions is making it all about your personality. If your best friend is your dog, cat, or bird (that would be an interesting session!!) BRING HIM/HER!! If you are into hunting, sports, art, reading.. I will always find a way that you could show off your talents. If you are planning to serve our country, we could take pictures of you in your Military Uniform with American Flags flags flying in that back... Plenty and plenty of options! 

IMG_2075editIMG_2075edit IMG_7923 copyIMG_7923 copy IMG_1335 copyeditIMG_1335 copyedit IMG_6928editIMG_6928edit