Senior Session 2018

Once you have booked your senior session, please follow these next steps. Send me an your answers privately. 

Full Name of Senior

High School

Collection Bronze or Gold (On Pricing Tab)

Email & Phone Number

Specific location for your session/ Idea of what you want

Will you be taking advantage of the mini session before hand? (See Below)

Any questions you may have




Once you have booked a senior session with AHP, you have the outstanding offer of a $75 mini shoot before hand. You can bring your family, friends, animals, anyone you have in mind (maximum of 8 people).  This will be a 25 minute shoot right before your senior session. You will receive the digital copies with print release form just as you will for your senior photos. This is a great opportunity to get those family photos that you have been putting off for the past ten years! 



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring props that you would like in your photos. Look on Pinterest for inspiration! This can be rustic chairs, glitter to blow, an American Flag, sports equipment, balloons, anything that you would like! This makes your session a lot more personal and fitted to your personality. 



​You don't wear makeup and you want to look like yourself for your session? Here's why makeup is still important. I'll be honest, I don't even wear much makeup and never really have- but let me tell you makeup is still very important for your session. Getting your makeup done by a makeup artist or friend that loves doing makeup will make things much more professional looking. Doing your makeup will even out your skin tone and conceal blemishes and can make you look like you're not even wearing making in your portraits. It will have an impact on your finished portraits and that will be a HUGE difference. The long eye lashes make a HUGE difference in photos, try wearing some fake eyelashes for your session. I definitely recommend using fake eyelashes to extend the length (or make them thicker if you already have long lashes), even a thin lash to layer over yours will give you a subtle, natural look. Getting your makeup done professionally will add to your overall experience, and we want this to be memorable! It is very worth it to invest in the best preparation to get you amazing finished results. A great tip I have is checking out MAC in Macy's in the mall. They have professionals there to do your makeup. If you go there the day of your session and just show up they can do your makeup completely free. I would leave a lot of time ahead of your session as they help customers during the process and it can take some time but I think it is very worth it. All you have to pay for would be the fake lashes. What a steal!




Q: When should we pay you?

A: Please have cash or check (to Alexis Hyde) the day of your session.


Q: Do you turn in yearbook photo?
A: Since I am giving away all digital copies in your collection, you are in charge of turning in your yearbook photo to your school by the due date. (Must be vertical, usually waist up, in color. Ask your schools yearbook advisor for more details)


Q: Do you make graduation cards?
A: I do not design and order graduation cards as of now. Feel free to use Walgreens/ Shutterfly, anything you prefer!


Q: Do we get a flash drive of all of the photos?

A: I will be sending you a link to your email of all of the edited photos. From there, you can download them/ print them/ use them with whatever you prefer. These photos will be downloaded in high resolution files. 


Q: Can we order prints from you?
A: You can print directly from your link that is sent to your email. By doing this on your own, you are able to crop and customize the photos to your liking. This is a PROFESSIONAL lab that you are printing from if you print directly from your link. These photos are high quality and will last a life time. Feel free to browse the options after you are sent your link. The photos would be shipped directly to your house.




Starting June 1st Ending August 11th